To help a hard working couple get their family on stronger footing…

I’m juggling the kids, my husband, the house, going back to school, bills and now a practicum. How can we manage it all? It was hard enough to find the money to go back to school but how can I get back and forth to my practicum without an income? I know once I’m done my academic program that I’ll be able to contribute to the household and help keep our heads above water; but what can we do in the moment that counts?

To help a hard working couple get their family on stronger footing, the Community Chest paid for bus tickets that permitted the mother to travel to and from her practicum and finish her academic program.


To help a working family with emotional & practical ways to deal with trauma…

Our family counsellor says it’s trauma but I’m not sure what to think. All I know is that our family hasn’t felt safe since the break-in. We don’t know how to talk to the kids or even each other; I feel lost. It was good to get back to work and keep busy with routine and regular life, although nothing really feels like it used to before they broke in. Counselling is helping. It’s good to get the help, for my wife and to speak with our older kids who were in the house when it happened. If we could squeeze just a bit out of the budget, we could pay for extra daycare and continue with counselling just a few more times.

To assist this working family with emotional and practical ways to stay on track after trauma, the Community Chest paid for additional daycare for the family to continue with trauma counselling. 


To help a young mother return to work…

A baby boy. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be a mom and have this beautiful baby boy. I know that I’m young and I don’t have too much of anything but I know that I love him with all of my heart. I’m feeling overwhelmed and yet so blessed at the same time.

I’m determined to keep my job but I have lots of questions about going back to work and still breastfeeding. The Public Health Nurse who came to see me at my house was so kind. She knew all about the different types of breast pumps and how important the right amount of milk is to keep my baby strong and developing. I want to do the right thing for my baby but I don’t know how I’m going to afford it.

To help a young mom return to work and look after her child, the Community Chest paid for an electric breast pump.


When no other options were available, the Community Chest has helped these and other families/individuals by paying for: equipment, supplies, rent, daycare and transportation.


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