How long did you call Maple Ridge home?
I was born and raised in Maple Ridge and called it home up until August of last year! I now live downtown Toronto, where I am currently writing and recording for my new solo venture.

What support did you receive in the community to help you realize your dreams?
Growing up, I was always part of the arts in Maple Ridge. I was involved in dance, musical theatre, choir and sang at numerous fairs and events. Maple Ridge is where it started for me! And it will always be my home.

What inspires you to give?
God. I am lucky to be blessed with so much and to have had so many amazing opportunities. I love to give back as much as I can. Whether that be with my voice, or my time, it gives me great pleasure to help people. One of my favourite things to do when I’m visiting home is to make sandwiches for the homeless. I do this at my church, Burnett Fellowship.

Where do you love to visit when you come home?
When I visit Maple Ridge every few months, my fave place to be is at home with my family and little dog CJ. I also enjoy the beautiful scenery the surrounds my house. It is a much different view at my condo here in Toronto, that looks out to the CN Tower!

Who is your hero, and why?
My mother. She has taught me everything I know. She is currently suffering with Lyme disease, which is a daily battle for her, but her strength is so inspiring

What do you do to keep happy and healthy?
Obviously, when I’m singing or in the studio, I am my happiest! And to stay healthy, I maintain a vegetarian diet along with boot camp and dance classes.

What’s the nicest thing someone has done for you lately?
My mom always sends me surprise care packages in the mail. I received one yesterday and it brightened my day!

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