Help us build a better community!

From November 15th to November 30th, we are asking Maple Ridge residents to lend a hand in making Maple Ridge a better place to work, live and play.  Our goal is to find 100 community minded neighbors to join the leader board!

Each donation and every dollar helps us support many community causes – from backpacks and breakfast programs for hungry kids, to supporting isolated seniors, to supporting individuals effected by homelessness, addiction and domestic violence.

Help us help Maple Ridge by contributing monthly – and your donation, combined with many others, will have an enormous impact for people in need in your community. You can even donate on behalf of friends and family as a holiday gift, and we’ll provide a holiday e-card to send to them!

Neighbors helping neighbors every day to make maple ridge a better place to work, live and play!

Season of Giving Countdown









  1. K. Hall
  2. S. Taylor
  3. B. McWhinney









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