Name: Ernie Daykin

How long have you lived in Maple Ridge? I was born and raised in Maple Ridge!

What’s one of your favourite local hangouts? Outdoors, I would say Gold Creek Falls or Alouette Lake, and the local dikes. There are many, many wonderful local businesses I frequent, including Kingfishers Bar + Grill which is a great place to relax and have a meal.

What inspires you to give? I had great role models in my parents and grandparents. They modelled it so well, it is second nature to me. It’s so enjoyable and fulfilling to contribute to the community. Many great community groups and businesses sponsored my sports teams when I was a kid, and the people of Maple Ridge supported my business for many years. I feel it’s important, and I’m very happy to, give back.

What makes you proud to be from Maple Ridge? It’s the people. I’ve seen countless groups gather in collaboration, not competition, to address needs in our community. Maple Ridge still has a small town feel; people say hello on the street, and ask about your family.

Maple Ridge is/was home to many sports greats, too, which is something to be proud of. Don Cherry once asked ‘What’s in the water in Maple Ridge?’!

What is the kindest thing someone has done for you lately? It was my birthday a couple of months ago. The residents at my place of employment got me out to Burnaby, under the guise that I was going to visit a friend. I was not going to visit the friend after all, they had put together a wonderful surprise lunch party. Everyone gathered and they went around the circle, each taking turns to describe me in one word.

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