Our Community

Responding together to our community’s needs

Over the past decade, Maple Ridge has been one of the fastest growing communities in Metro Vancouver. Today our community’s population is approximately 73,000 and is projected to grow to approximately 94,000 by 2021 and 109,000 by 2031. Have you considered how this will affect the quality of life for our residents? Have you wondered what resources will be available to assist our community’s children, families and seniors? How about our not-for-profits? As the demand for our not-for-profits’ services increases, where will they get their funding? There’s a great deal to think about as our population grows.

The Maple Ridge Community Foundation is in a unique position as it is not only able to direct funds where they’re needed most (thanks to our generous donors), but can also offer philanthropic leadership to the community. By having a focus on the overall well-being of the not-for-profit charitable sector and the people it serves, the Community Foundation is able to address broad-based issues that may or may not be addressed by other charitable groups. For example, by engaging in conversations with the community and learning about what’s impacting quality of life, the Community Foundation has the ability to connect a variety of community stakeholders to work together and address issues that matter. Once again, our only limit is the will and the imagination of our community and our donors.

We believe in the power to change but we can’t do it without you

The Maple Ridge Community Foundation is challenging the people of Maple Ridge to think BIG! Your input matters and we want you to tell us where the Community Foundation should be targeting its funding efforts over the next two years. Click here to share your input. If you think funding should be targeted to an alternate area, send us an email to share your input.

The bigger picture: a look at the region’s top issues and concerns

For the past three years, the Vancouver Foundation has been attempting to better understand the issues impacting the region’s communities through its annual Vital Signs for Metro Vancouver report. It’s an insightful, comprehensive report that’s definitely worth the read.  Click here to download a complete pdf version of the report. Just want the highlights? Check out page 5.