Donors today have many options for their philanthropy— so why choose the Maple Ridge Community Foundation?



  • We are Maple Ridge. We have deep roots and a myriad of connections with local charities and influential community leaders. We are a locally registered charity existing for the benefit of donors and charities in Maple Ridge for Maple Ridge.
  • Together, we can make a difference in Maple Ridge forever. Gifts to the Maple Ridge Community Foundation leave a legacy for future generations. Donors can rest assured that the Community Foundation’s staff, volunteers and investments are created to strengthen Maple Ridge in perpetuity.
  • We respect privacy. While at least one of our staff or directors will know who is making the gift, the Community Foundation will make its best effort to respect a donor’s wish for privacy and/or anonymity.
  • We offer flexibility. We can help donors direct their giving to areas that are needed most and to respond to changing needs as the community evolves.
  • We make giving easy. We can help donors make gifts in both a time and cost effective way. We are able to accept a variety of assets to help donors leave a legacy.
  • We engage with giving experts. The Maple Ridge Community Foundation staff and trusted advisors can help you customize a giving approach that takes into account personal interests and tax planning needs.
  • Last, but very important – tax advantages! Giving through the Community Foundation offers tax benefits

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