In preparation for our Mad About Maple Ridge-themed event coming up May 13, 2017, here is a great Mad Men style guide!

This guide was prepared in partnership with Jen Vanderzalm from Dames & Dolls Makeup + Hair, Warin Rychkun from Warin Marie Photography and Taryn Stephenson from T’s Once Upon a Tea Leaf.

Jen, Warin and Taryn went shopping at local businesses in Downtown Maple Ridge to show how simple, affordable and fun it is to build your Mad Men costume for the event. “You really don’t need to go far or break the bank to find that perfect dress” says Taryn Stephenson “Start by looking in your own closet because you might be surprised by what you own and what has a vintage vibe, from there move on to your aunt’s closet or your grandma’s to see if they have anything that they are willing to lend you. Chances are you can find something to enhance your own dress or suit at one of our many thrift or consignment shops right here in Maple Ridge.”

Once you’ve got the dress you’ll want to complete the look with hair and makeup. “This era was all about playing with new techniques in hair styles and pastel colours for makeup. “ Some hair styles required a ton of teasing for volume while others were a simple brushed out curl set which is still to this day a lovely look” explains Jen Vanderzalm from Dame & Dolls Makeup + Hair. The makeup for the eyes was never boring. Heaps of mascara and eyeliner was paired with pastel eyeshadows and a sustainable darker crease. Lips started to get much lighter than the previous era of red lipstick. “Don’t be afraid to put on those false lases and layer on the mascara ladies!” cooed Vanderzalm who specializes in flawless vintage makeup design.

With visions of popular characters from the show they pulled items that reflect Betty (Don Draper’s first wife) Joan (the office bombshell) and Meg (Don’s second wife turned movie star).

With the use of Maple Ridge’s Di and Rick Stobbart’s 1959 Chevy Impala, some major backcombing and a good eye for vintage finds in local shops; Warin Marie Photography was able to capture these moments and transport us to the late 1950’s.

Tickets for Mad About Maple Ridge are still available here.

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