Name: Rick Moyer

How long have you called Maple Ridge home? Twenty years. I used to come out here as a kid with my dad, to Haney Speedway. As an adult I decided to make it home.

What inspires you to give? It’s in my blood, I get it from my mom. Giving is like singing a love song. I like to give away umbrellas and gloves to people in the street. They are inexpensive and it helps them out; it feels good to give.

What is the kindest thing someone has done for you lately? Someone made me breakfast recently, that dish where you bake an egg into the middle of a piece of bread. I had never had that before, it was nice.

What makes you proud to be from Maple Ridge? When I work as a DJ, I get to go to many different events at cool old halls such as the one in Silverdale. We have these small, unique communities still within Maple Ridge. I love our feel. I also love that you can ride a horse in Maple Ridge.

What do you do to keep happy and healthy? I run and swim, give back to the community and spend time doing things I love to do such as singing, working as a DJ, taking photos, playing guitar.


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