Name: Ronda Payne

How long have you called Maple Ridge home?
Cumulatively, I’ve lived here almost 20 years. I choose Maple Ridge because I love it. It’s beautiful, and it’s central. I find it very comfortable. People are welcome and open here. I know I feel a real sense of community here, and that other residents also want that community feeling.

Do you have a favourite local business or hangout? Kanaka Coffee is close to my home; I love it there. Bosley’s – I’m there a lot! I love them. Their staff and customer service is caring and locally-centered.

What inspires you to give? The knowledge that my life rocks, I have an awesome family, a car that works, a roof over my head, pets, the ability to buy food. Compared to the world’s majority, we are so far ahead. I am living well, compared to many even in my own community. It’s just important to give back.

What do you do to keep yourself happy and healthy? I am learning how to meditate. As a recovering type A perfectionist, it doesn’t come easy. Walking outdoors with my dogs is hugely important for my soul. I remind myself to be grateful, and to move my body as much as possible.

Who is your hero? My Dad is amazing; he’s so awesome. I don’t know anyone else who has gone through radiation with the eyes of a child. Most people would head for bed after a radiation treatment. Instead, Dad would call me to tell me how cool the machines were. It’s how he approaches life. I am really inspired by so many people; so, so many.


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