Giving FAQ

What is the Maple Ridge Community Foundation’s registered charitable number?
BN 119244051RR001
Who runs the Maple Ridge Community Foundation?
The Maple Ridge Community Foundation is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, a part-time Executive Director and a part-time Administrative Assistant. The Board members are well-known and respected individuals who have developed broad community experience through their involvement with various business and civic activities.

The Maple Ridge Community Foundation’s Board is comprised of twelve directors who are appointed for three year terms by the Board Development Committee. The committee seeks out qualified individuals and presents a slate to the Board for approval at the Foundation’s Annual General Meeting. A director may sit on the Board for a maximum of nine years.

Who gives to a Community Foundation?
Anyone can give…individuals, families, companies, clubs and other charities contribute to Community Foundations.
Where does the money go?
The Community Foundation itself is not the object of donor’s philanthropy, but is the vehicle by which donors can fulfill their charitable objectives. Through its grant program, the Maple Ridge Community Foundation is committed to nurturing, supporting and strengthening the community. Grants are made to charitable, not-for-profit organizations recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Grants are made in support of, but not limited to, social services, health, arts, education, recreation and the environment. The annual earnings of many of the funds under the Community Foundation’s care are disbursed according to advice from the donors to those funds.

Which charitable causes or organizations does the Maple Ridge Community Foundation support?
The Maple Ridge Community Foundation is a neutral broker. This allows the Community Foundation to support any charitable organization of cause that a donor names. If the donor does not specify as to where the earnings from their funds should be directed, Maple Ridge Community Foundation’s Grants Committee will make a decision based on the applications received and where they believe the funds will have the greatest and most positive impact.
What is an endowment fund?
An endowment fund is an invested sum of money that is permanently invested and the income is devoted to a specific cause.
Why establish a Donor Advised Fund instead of starting up a private foundation?
Making a gift to the Maple Ridge Community Foundation is both a cost and time effective alternative to a private foundation. Starting up a private foundation requires the donor to create a new organization, establish a board of trustees, obtain registered charitable status from Canada Revenue Agency and keep reporting regularly. A fund with the Maple Ridge Community Foundation is far easier and faster to establish and involves no start-up costs.
What type of asset can I use to make a donation?
The Maple Ridge Community Foundation accepts nearly every kind of asset including cash cash, securities, private property, life insurance, and bequests. Typically non-cash gifts are liquidated immediately and the proceeds are transferred to the investment portfolio.
Is there a minimum donation amount?
You can contribute any amount to our existing endowment fund or field-of-interest funds.

If you want to create your own endowment fund, the minimum donation is $10,000. The Maple Ridge Community Foundation recognizes that this may be difficult for some individuals and offers the option to establish an endowment and fulfill your $10,000 financial commitment over time. Please contact the Maple Ridge Community Foundation directly if you are interested in this option.

How can I make a donation?
Donations can be made on-line, or by printing a copy of the Maple Ridge Community Foundation’s Donation Form, completing it and then dropping it off or mailing it to the following:

Mailing address:
Maple Ridge Community Foundation
c/o PO Box 370
Maple Ridge, BC  V2X 8K9
Or drop-off at:
EPR Certified General Accountants
22377 Dewdney Trunk Road
Maple Ridge, BC  V2X 3J4

If you want to create your own endowment fund or if you’re interested in setting up a regular, automatic giving plan, please contact our office at 604-466-3312.

Will I get a tax receipt for my donation?
The Maple Ridge Community Foundation will issue a tax receipt for every gift made to the Foundation.