Helping you ask your clients the simple giving question…“Are there charitable or community needs you’d like to consider?”

By partnering with the Maple Ridge Community Foundation, professional advisors such as financial planners, estate planners, lawyers, accountants and other professionals can help their clients:

  • Fulfill their financial and philanthropic goals
  • Receive significant tax benefits
  • Contribute to building a vibrant and healthy Maple Ridge today and for future generations

The Community Foundation is skilled and passionate about supporting you in the following ways:

  • Charitable giving expertise – we can help you create giving plans tailored to your clients’ needs
  • Vast community knowledge – matching your clients’ wishes with community needs
  • Flexible giving options – from cash to real estate, your clients can give with a variety of assets
  • Supporting philanthropic needs – you maintain the relationship with your client while we provide a full range of services and information for you

For more information about how the Maple Ridge Community Foundation can help you provide community investment opportunities for your clients, please contact our office at 604-466-3312.


These materials have been prepared by Community Foundations of Canada to assist Professional Advisors with conversations about charitable giving with their clients.

If your client is interested in the experiences of community foundation donors, browse through the stories Maple Ridge Community Foundation and the Community Foundations of Canadahave collected.



How can my client make a donation to Maple Ridge Community Foundation?

Donations can be made on-line, or by printing a copy of the Maple Ridge Community Foundation’s Donation Form, completing it and then dropping it off or mailing it to the following:

Mailing address:
Maple Ridge Community Foundation
c/o PO Box 370
Maple Ridge, BC  V2X 8K9
Or drop-off at:
Empire CPA
22377 Dewdney Trunk Road
Maple Ridge, BC  V2X 3J4

If your client wants to create his or her own endowment fund, please contact our office at 604-466-3312.

Is their a minimum donation amount?

Your client can contribute any amount to our existing endowment fund or field-of-interest funds.

Why establish a Donor Advised Fund instead of starting up a private foundation?

Making a gift to the Maple Ridge Community Foundation is both a cost and time effective alternative to a private foundation. Starting up a private foundation requires the donor to create a new organization, establish a board of trustees, obtain registered charitable status from Canada Revenue Agency and keep reporting regularly. A fund with the Maple Ridge Community Foundation is far easier and faster to establish and involves no start-up costs.

What are my clients giving options?

The Maple Ridge Community Foundation offers a variety of giving options. For example, your client can contribute to a pre-established fund, set up their own endowment, make an outright gift or discuss planned giving options with a professional advisor.

What type of assets can my client use to start at fund?

Your client can make a gift to the Maple Ridge Community Foundation with cash, securities, private property, life insurance and bequests. The Maple Ridge Community Foundation staff is pleased to work with both you and your client to meet their charitable interests and tax planning needs.

Will my client receive a tax receipt for their donation?

The Maple Ridge Community Foundation will issue a tax receipt for every gift made to the Maple Ridge Community Foundation.

Can my client name a successor to their fund?

Absolutely. Your client can name a successor(s) to their fund. If there is no successor, or upon your successor’s death, the Maple Ridge Community Foundation’s Board of Directors will continue to direct funds in line with your client’s wishes.

What are the Maple Ridge Community Foundation’s fees?

The Community Foundation charges administration fees to cover its costs to administer all established and flow-through funds. Typically yearly costs are less than 2%. This helps fund a wide array of administrative, donor service and program work carried out by the Maple Ridge Community Foundation staff.

Who administers the assets?

The Community Foundation retains a professional investment manager under the direction of the Board’s Finance & Investment Committee.

Did you know?

21% of Canadians account for 82% of charitable donations? At the same time, philanthropic research reveals that individuals are three times more likely to include charity in their will when the issue is raised by their accountant, financial or an investment advisor. Source: Statistics Canada