How long have you lived in Maple Ridge home?
I was born in Maple Ridge (ahem) 31 years ago. I lived here for 24 years and plan to move back one day to start a family.

Who inspires you?
My Mum is my biggest inspiration. She is constantly finding new ways to give back to her community through our business T’s Once Upon a Tea Leaf. She was a single Mum with a dream, and it is really beautiful to see her become such a vibrant part of our community.

What makes you proud to be from Maple Ridge?
Maple Ridge has a wonderful sense of community. I never realized that there was something so special about Maple Ridge until I moved to Vancouver. When I wander around Maple Ridge I have very pleasant interactions with members of the community; nobody is afraid to say “hello” here, which is really refreshing!

Do you have a favourite Maple Ridge hangout?
I am in Maple Ridge every Saturday and I cannot help but go to Chameleon Cafe for their amazing mushroom soup. I walk into this little gem on 224th and suddenly feel like I am in Yaletown.

What do you do to keep yourself happy and healthy?
I believe that taking time for myself is the best way to keep myself happy and healthy; this means turning off my phone, steeping a cuppa tea and finding a quiet moment to reflect on everything I am grateful for in my life.

What motivates you to give?
I had a very humble upbringing and despite how strong my mother is, I know that it took a village to raise me. My heart is so full of gratitude for everyone who put in the time and effort to make my life rich in love. I believe that is why we look for ways to contribute and give back to our community through our business and personal life.

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